Unique Benefits of Insurance Identity

When you decide to buy insurance particularly Life and Health Insurance contracts, you are required to provide every detail about your health status and, sometimes, undergo comprehensive medical examination.The import of this is that your insurer becomes the primary custodian of your highly confidential personal data, which can only be accessed with your permission in line with privacy policy. So, at a time like this, if the identities of Nigerians were with insurers, the fight against the spread of COVID-19 would probably have been easier as appropriate health authorities would, by now, have collaborated with insurers for credible information. Put simply, Nigerians with Health Insurance Numbers would possibly have been attended to differently and that would have automatically reduced the population of those that we needed to assess towards the determination of their statuses.Health records are collated mostly from the day of one’s birth but we know that till date many home deliveries happen hence the need to create Universal Health Identification Number that would capture all Nigerians.

Learning From COVID-19

So far, COVID-19 has exposed the ineffectiveness of our numerous forms of identification in managing any crisis, notwithstanding the frequency or severity of prevalent risks.How we can ensure better response to the next crisis or effective management of post COVID-19 days is to attempt to ascertain the benefits of the respective forms of identification to Nigerians.Like I pointed out, the benefits of having an insurance policy number (Life, Health, Travel) to a Nigerian is more evident than others except one can present arguments for them.

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I do hope we can take a hard look at this and initiate a process/program where every Nigerian has a healthcare number within the shortest possible time. This could mean having a Presidential Committee to consider using the information/data already available with different departments and agencies.Afterall, we have agreed, more than at any other time, that HEALTH IS WEALTH.

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