The most important annual meeting of the Croatian insurers, the “Croatian Insurance Days”, started today in Opatija, Croatia.

Fausto PARENTE, Executive Director, EIOPA, Ante ZIGMAN, DSc, President of the Management Council, Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency and William VIDONJA, Head of Conduct of Business, Insurance Europe are the keynote speakers of the main conference.

Over three hundred participants, including insurance and reinsurance experts, regulators, supervisors and other accompanying financial institutions from the national, regional and European levels are attending the event. XPRIMM Publication are supporting the event as Media Partners and present at the press stand the latest issues of the insurance reports it produces.

As every year, the event organized by the Croatian Association of Insurers will bring into the limelight the main trends in local insurance market, as well as the issues of concern or the changes brought by the updates in the European insurance related legislation.

Follow us to read the main statements at the Conference:

Dr. Sc. Damir ZORIC, Croatian Insurance Bureau

Knowledge is becoming an asset of tremendous importance these days; only getting in contact with our peers and learning from their experience we can find good solutions to our own issues. This is why professional events like this are increasingly important and I hope that all that we will learn during these day of conference will prove useful for us all. I would also thank to all those who contributed with articles to the book we are releasing today, as well as to our media partners who are helping us to spread knowledge.



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