Seven South Florida school districts have recently bought ‘active shooter’ policies which will pay up to $2,500 per victim after the Valentine’s Day shooting took place at a local high school.

The insurance cover which is backed by XL Catlin covers expenses tied to shootings in places such as office buildings and concert halls has gained traction with schools following recent events.

It pays up to $2,500 per victim for death and serious injuries such as blindness or total disability, with additional medical coverage depending on how much insurance a district buys.

Although there is no detailed survey of insurance coverage at U.S schools, but insurers say it is only in recent years that more schools have been seeking ‘active shooter’ and ‘active assailant’ policies.

SChool districts often find that their general liability policies fall short coverage for the truck load of bills that follow a violent incident like mass shootings at schools or concerts.

The costs can include victims lawsuits, building repairs, legal fees, medical expenses and trauma counselling as well as media consultants, accountants to handle charitable contributions and even reconstruction of buildings where bloodshed occured.

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