Medical tourism is an avenue that is often overlooked when considering tourism in South Africa, even though it is set to grow globally at an estimated 15% annually.

Research by SA tourism shows that foreign spending on medical care has increased from R582m to approximately R916m in 2015, as the number of tourists originating from Europe and those coming by air from other African countries has increased.

Travelers coming into South Africa for medical treatments do so cost savings.

South Africa’s infrastructure, medical technology, qualified and skilled doctors are of international standard.

Globally, medical tourism is estimated to be worth between $45billion and $72billion.

It is estimated that this industry will continue to show growth of between 15% and 25% each year.

A substantial portion of medical tourists to South Africa are from neighboring countries.  Although the number from Europe and from countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Nigeria is growing.

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