The Association of Retired Police Officers of Nigeria has expressed their desire to be excluded from the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS).

According to Mr. Yakubu Abdul Kwara State chairman of the association, the scheme was not favorable to its members.

He called on members of the House of Representatives for passing the bill to amend the Pension Reforms Act 2014 to exclude members of the Nigeria Police Force, Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, Nigeria Customs Service, and Nigeria Immigration Service from the (CPS).

He said, “The contributory pension scheme we are operating now has turned out to be a mirage. The scheme was supposed to be a reform and solve the problems (emanating) from the Defined Benefit Scheme (Old Pension Scheme) but has ended up putting pensioners under the new scheme (CPS) in a disadvantaged position. As a result, our pensions became substantially reduced when compared with our counterparts in the old scheme.

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