POLAND: Warta implementing two A.I. projects

Poland-based insurance company Warta is working on two artificial intelligence (A.I.) solutions aiming to improve interactions between the company and customers for claims reporting. The software uses voice and image recognition and will be fully operational in the second half of this year.

Voice recognition is a solution to shorten the time consultants spend on the phone advising clients. Up to 80% of damage at Warta is reported using a hotline.

Warta Virtual Assistant is based on A.I. technology. The A.I. collects basic information from clients about the occurred accidents (including the time and place of incident and a description of the situation and the damaged parts). After a short questionnaire, the A.I. redirects the client to a real consultant who has more expertise on the specific problem.

Currently, about 10% of hotline calls concerning an occurred incident is handled by Warta Virtual Assistant. From the beginning of the implementation, the A.I. has already helped in over 2,000 cases. The full implementation of Warta Virtual Assistant is planned for August 2019.

Image recognition technology is used to improve the communication of damage, relieving the work of Warta appraisers. Based on photos sent by customers, the A.I. analyses the possible damaged components of the vehicle body and estimates the value of insurance compensation. Warta assumes that the mechanism will handle up to 60% of all vehicle damage cases in the close future.

As part of the ongoing introduction of the project, A.I. has already analyzed nearly 500 real damage pictures. Every output the software gives is then verified by professional appraisers, who are helping to develop and calibrate the new technology. Currently, the bot is able to recognize more than 2/3 of the damaged elements visible in the pictures.


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