POLAND: less than 0.5% of all registered vehicles are not covered by a MTPL policy

According to the Polish Insurance Guarantee Fund’s estimations, there may be about 80-90,000 vehicles in use without a valid MTPL policy, which is 0.4 – 0.5% of all registered vehicles. This percentage places Poland among the CEE countries with the highest degree of insurance coverage, together with Slovenia the Czech Republic and Hungary.

In territorial terms, the highest percentages of uninsured drivers are to be found in the Western counties, almost double as compared with the best placed county of Podkarpackie, in the South of the country. In demographic terms, male drivers under 25 years old are the category providing for the largest share of uninsured car owners, at an almost double rate than of the 30 years old category. Young women (<25) are somehow less inclined to drive without a MTPL policy, the share of uninsured drivers in this category outpacing the 30 years drivers uninsured percentage by just 50%.

High fines for lacking insurance (up to EUR 1,000 for passenger cars), as well as legal provisions that establish that accidents or collisions caused by uninsured vehicles have to be compensated by the owners of those vehicles are some of the most effective tools in fighting uninsured driving in Poland. Moreover, according to the Insurance Guarantee Fund representatives, in most cases lack of MTPL insurance cover is rather an oversight or a lack of knowledge of regulations than intentional and is mostly related to the change of ownership of old cars: MTPL insurance is renewed automatically at the end of each year if a policyholder pays premiums for the entire year, but if the vehicle is sold, the MTPL policy will not be automatically extended and the new owners may not be aware that they are not insured…


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