To mark the opening of the 2018 Paris Motor Show, AXA announced the launch of a 3-year partnership with NAVYA, a leading company in the autonomous vehicle market and smart/shared mobility solutions, to develop insurance solutions tailored to autonomous vehicles.

Within the framework of this partnership, AXA will provide NAVYA with insurance solutions to accompany its vehicle manufacturing business but also design customized insurance offers for its operator clients. Co-promotion actions will also be undertaken to support NAVYA’s development using the two brands’ strengths. Lastly, thanks to data sharing, AXA will gain a more in-depth knowledge of autonomous vehicles, chiefly in order to offer insurance solutions that are increasingly suited to this new technology.

Even if autonomous vehicles reduce the number of accidents, it is unlikely that all risk will be entirely eliminated. This is why AXA will work with NAVYA to understand and respond appropriately to potential new accident situations; in particular in the near future, when semi-autonomous or autonomous vehicles and “traditional” vehicles will coexist on the roads. An autonomous emergency braking system – more efficient than the human driver – could, for example, lead to an accident because the vehicle behind does not brake fast enough. Through this partnership, AXA aims to strengthen its expertise in these new technologies and increase the knowledge of future risks, in order to offer appropriate solutions.

“This partnership with AXA is an important milestone in NAVYA’s development. For a benchmark player in autonomous mobility, it is strategic to be able to join forces with a global insurance leader, in order to develop a specific solution for users of new transport services, and hence contribute to enhancing our offering and improving our quality of service,” said Christophe SAPET, CEO of NAVYA…


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