The Al – Powered Insurance Company/App is set to disrupt the European Insurance market with its competitively priced products for home owners and renters.

The New York based home and renters Insurance Start-up took North America by storm since its founding in 2015. The firm uses the latest Insurance technology artificial Intelligence (Al) and chatbots to reverse the traditional Insurance model and tailored competitively priced Insurance products for home owners and renters.

Lemonade co-Founder and CEO Daniel Schreiber recently shared on a blog post this ” Great digital brands transcend border. Whether in Chicago, Paris or Singapore. Today, Consumers listen to music on Spotify, ride with Uber and stay at Airbnb. Consumers are increasingly Cosmopolitan, Socially aware and tech-native- everything which Lemonade is built to be. That is why going global feels natural for us.

We are thrilled to announce that Lemonade is coming to Europe our first major market outside of the United States Europe is the birth place of modern Insurance and home to the two largest Insurers worldwide AXA and Allianz both are investors in Lemonade.

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