Dr Andy Kuper founder and CEO of Leapfrog Investments has received the 2018 Founder’s Award and Gold medal from the International Insurance Society (IIS) for his pioneering work. He was honoured for the Leapfrog companies reaching 130 million people in a decade at the recently concluded 2018 IIS Conference in Berlin Germany. Launched in 2008, Leapfrog invests in companies that deliver health and wealth services for emerging Consumers, with Portfolio companies reaching 130 million till date.

LEAPFROG logoIn his acceptance speech at the Conference, Dr Kuper announced Leapfrog’s intention through it’s Portfolio of companies, to reach 1 billion emerging Consumers with essential Services by 2030. He called for the world’s largest Insurance firms and Investors to work together to close the global Protection gap, covering 4 billion people by 2030.

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