LATVIA: new liability limits for drone insurance

On August 13th, the Government of Latvia approved the draft over “unmanned aircrafts and other aircrafts” regulation, according to which all drones that weight over 250 grams (~0.55 lbs) are required to carry a civil liability insurance.

While the owners of drones with a mass over 1,500 grams were already obligated by the Latvian law to insure their small aircrafts, there was no minimum liability limit specified. The revised law sets three drones minimum liability intervals, categorized by their take-off mass, as follows:

  • 0.25 kg – 1.50 kg: EUR 150,000 minimum
  • 1.50 kg – 5.00 kg: EUR 500,000 minimum
  • above 5.00 kg: EUR 1,000,000 minimum


“Professionals who use drones for business purposes have so far opted for an adequate level of civil liability insurance. The new rules generally make the field of unmanned aircraft much better, including insurance. As the demand increases, insurers’ offers for drone liability insurance could also expand,” commented Janis ABASINS, president of the Latvian Association of Insurers…


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