The 11th International Insurance Conference, organized by Insurance Europe, takes place today, 23 May, in Bucharest, gathering re/insurance professionals from all over the world.

The event was officially opened by Adrian MARIN, President of UNSAR and CEO GENERALI Romania who declared:

“We are happy to be your hosts today, Romania being the first country from the Central and Eastern European region which is hosting Insurance Europe’s annual International Conference. It is truly an honor to have all of you with us today, discussing the best solutions for the future of the insurance industry.”

“Romania has an insurance industry totaling over EUR 2 million, reporting an increase of 4.5% in 2018 compared with 2017, which signals a great potential which can be valorized by showing a special care for consumers, by investing in their financial education, but also by developing strong partnerships between all stakeholders”, Adrian MARIN added.


To allow European insurers to maximize their contribution towards a sustainable Europe, policymakers must: take action to ensure prudential capital requirements reflect the real risks insurers face; provide a clear taxonomy that avoids greenwashing; and ensure conduct rules give consumers real choice over environmental, social and governance (ESG) and non-ESG investment products, Andreas BRANDSTETTER, President of Insurance Europe CEO & Chairman, UNIQA Insurance Group declared.

He added that, beyond regulation, demand for sustainable and long-term investment is significantly higher than the supply of appropriate assets, as shown by recent green energy/infrastructure projects that were oversubscribed. Action is also therefore needed to achieve the creation of suitable, sustainable investment opportunities.

“There are three big challenges that society is facing today: natural catastrophes, cyber-attacks, as well as people’s lack of retirement savings. Helping society to overcome these challenges represents a real opportunity for our industry”, Andreas BRANDSTETTER pointed out…


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