IIF2019 – Insurance in the Digital World Conference takes place today in Bucharest

IIF2019 – Insurance in the Digital World Conference is taking place today, 21 November 2019, at Sheraton Hotel in Bucharest. The latest insurtech trends and the digitalization impact over the insurance sector will be the main themes of discussion.

Between opportunities and emerging risks, going digital in the insurance business is a journey that each company will have to enroll soon. While no one disputes the necessity of embracing a digital culture, many have still doubts with regard to the best approach, the priorities, the actual choices to put in place a coherent system.

“Where to start?” is still THE question under debate for many. How to choose among the numerous solutions available, what is really adding value to the services provided, how to go digital, but still preserve the “human touch” in interacting with customers… as the progress in the field continues and the offer is getting richer, the questions that need an answer seem to be multiplying as well.

With a close look at the latest trends in the industry, IIF2019: Insurance in the DIGITAL World Conference will touch the following topics:

  • Digital solutions to improve sales, underwriting and claims management
  • Addressing the needs of the new generations of customers
  • Digitalization and the regulatory environment – the cost of compliance and of non-compliance
  • Cyber risks – between calibrating the right coverage for clients and managing the own increasing exposure

The event is organized by XPRIMM with the official support of InsurTech Hub Romania, EUROINS Romania, ASIROM Vienna Insurance Group and BAAR – Motor Insurance Bureau of Romania.

Below you can read the main statements of the conference. You can visit the event’s official website for more information.


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