Hannover Re Launched new Innovation Platform

Hannover Re’s new hr/ equarium platform will prompt technology adoption at an even faster pace says leading data and analytics Company Global Data. With the reinsurer operating across a wide variety of markets, insurers are able to work with Start-ups whose technology can be leveraged into other segments.

According to Global Data General Insurance analyst, Incorporating the latest technology into the Insurance Industry will not only improve back office efficiency, but will also personalise products. Recall that Zurich launched an Innovation world championship competition which Chisel Al won early this year due to Chisel Al’s ability to utilize artificial intelligence to process unstructured data source in an Insurance Policy. The success of the platform will clearly benefit Hannover Re in assisting its Insurance partners who are seeking to leverage the benefits that start-ups bring. This in turn will help Insurers reduce claims frequency and cost, as well as enter new markets.

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