GREECE: 12th Insurance Conference: industry is important for providing security to the population and society

On May 28, the 12th Insurance Conference was held in Greece with participation of top insurance market executives and institutional players in the country, in collaboration with the financial & business portal, the portal, and the magazine, Insurance World.

Among other things, participants of the event discussed prospects for the market growth, natural disasters and the role of insurance, sales, innovative products and new trends, and new challenges in insurance mediation.

Anastasios PETROPOULOS, State Secretary for Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity, described private insurance as supplementary rather than a substitute for public social security. “There cannot be a prosperous economy for people who do not at least secure life and health,” he said. Among other things, he noted that the reduction in public health, including social security funds, in the period 2009-2014, is a sample of economy domination, “resulting in a long period of 2.5 million uninsured citizens”…


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