GOLDMAN SACHS buys shares of insurance group AXA

French insurance group AXA announced it sells 144 million shares in its US subsidiary AXA Equitable Holdings (EQH) to the investment company GOLDMAN SACHS which acted as the sole underwriter of a registered public offering of the AXA Group.

Under the deal, EQN will buy from GOLDMAN SACHS 24 million shares from the proposed 144 million shares. The purchase price of one share will be equal to the value per share which the underwriter paid AXA. The deal is 13 November 2019 after all the registration procedures.

“AXA S.A. the pricing of the sale of 144,000,000 shares of common stock of AXA Equitable Holdings, to Goldman Sachs, as the sole underwriter in a registered public offering of those shares…


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