The Edelman Trust Barometer which measures trust in business, NGO’S, government and the media on an annual basis, shows that financial services achieved only a two-point increase over 2017.
The Barometer tracks the views of both the general population and the ‘informed public which consists of university – educated people between 25 and 64, who are in the top 25% of household income per age group in each market.
The Barometer is particularly concerned with the widening gap in trust between the general population and the informed Public on Financial services. This is a parlous state of affairs given the urgent need to make financial services accessible to lower and middle income Individuals in many countries in Africa.
The top 5 factors that decrease trust are:
1, No product and / or cost transparency
2, Confusing products and Services on offer
3, Unwanted selling
4, Financial Institutions not responsive
5, Difficulty addressing costumers problems.

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