Emirates just launched the world’s shortest A380 route

  • The flight is only 5 minutes longer than it usually takes to clean the superjumbo.
  • Emirates will use an A380 to fly the route twice a day.

Emirates, the Middle East airline operating primarily out of Dubai, has launched the world’s shortest commercial flight using an A380 superjumbo.

On Monday, the UAE carrier used an A380 to ferry passengers from Dubai to Muscat in Oman, a distance of 211 miles (340 km). According to Emirates the flight took just 41 minutes.

The airline claimed in a tweet that the electrical wiring used on a single Airbus A380 stretches out to around 160 kilometers longer than the journey.

Emirates said the service, which will run twice daily until at least September 2020, is scheduled to be in the air for only 5 minutes longer than it takes the usual team of 42 people to clean the aircraft.

The airline added that you would need to fly the route 3,000 times to be able to watch all of the inflight entertainment system.

Both A380s flying to Muscat will be operated in a three-class configuration, with 429 seats in Economy Class on the lower deck, and 76 flat-bed seats in Business Class and 14 First Class Private Suites on the upper deck…


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