African Development Bank President Mr Akinwunmi Adesina implored Africans to embrace technology and governments to urgently move away from investing in the Jobs of the past and focus on the jobs of the future which is around the corner.
Mr Adesina said this at the recent debate entitled the New Tech Era:
Job killer or Job creator organized by Africa Report & Jeune Afrique as part of the 2019 Mo Ibrahim Governance week in Abidjan. According to him, ‘The people who control data, will control Africa. Coding must be compulsory, at all levels, because the currency of the future is going to be coding. African government must democratize technology and not make Information technology must not be the exclusive privilege of the elite. Research as shown that if governments harness the full economic potential of just the Internet Africa could add 300 billion dollars to its GDP by 2025.

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