Boeing 737 Max likely grounded until the end of the year after new problem emerges

  • Boeing’s 737 Max could be grounded until late this year.
  • U.S. air-safety regulators reportedly find a problem with the plane’s in-flight control chip.
  • More than 500 of the aircraft manufacturer’s 737 Max planes have been grounded since mid-March.

Boeing’s 737 Max could stay on the ground until late this year after a new problem emerged with the plane’s in-flight control chip.

This latest holdup in the plane’s troubled recertification process has to do with a chip failure that can cause uncommanded movement of a panel on the aircraft’s tail, pointing the plane’s nose downward, a Boeing official said. Subsequent emergency tests to fix the issue showed it took pilots longer than expected to solve the problem, according to The Wall Street Journal.

This marks a new problem with the plane unrelated to the issues Boeing is already facing with the plane’s MCAS automated flight control system, an issue the company maintains can be remedied by a software fix. Boeing hopes to submit all of its fixes to the Federal Aviation Administration this fall, the Boeing official said…


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