Apple has a new site that says its App Store for iPhone apps is competitive and vibrant.
The company has faced complaints from companies like Spotify and politicians such as Elizabeth Warren about alleged anticompetitive practices in the App Store.
Apple is hosting its annual developer’s conference on June 3 and said that it has paid $120 billion to app developers over the years through the App Store since it launched in 2008.
Apple launched a new website this week that says its App Store platform, the only way for most people to install apps on an iPhone, welcomes competition.

The site, launched quietly on Wednesday, is another response to Spotify and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, which have each accused Apple of favoring its own apps over third-party apps.

Apple recently lost a Supreme Court case involving competition on the App Store. One subsection on the page is titled “A store that welcomes competition.” The page highlights apps that compete with Apple’s built-in software and services, including Spotify.

App developers who make tools for controlling device addiction and family screen time recently said that they believed Apple was targeting its apps for removal from the store because they compete with Screen Time, a feature recently introduced to iPhones. Apple faces an EU antitrust complaint stemming from that episode.

Apple said in a statement at the time that the removals were related to privacy and security, and said the developers were misusing Apple software intended for other uses.

“All developers have the opportunity to have a rejection reviewed by the App Review Board. And the App Review team makes about 1,000 calls a week to developers to help them diagnose and resolve any issues that led to rejection — so they can get their app onto the App Store,” Apple said on its website.

App developers have also complained about the 15%-30% fees Apple charges for payments processed through the App Store…


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